Client Stories

Team development

I worked with the team on individual programmes to recognise their value and skills and the development gaps against the future competencies. The output was a personal development plan which linked development to the companies' courses and broadening their experience through different projects and assignments. The entire team, of varying ages, developed a sense of career and in some cases, a life direction for the future knowing what they needed to do to achieve their goals. Team in a Primary Care Trust

I supported a marketing director who had misread the politics in her organisation and whose role was made redundant in a restructure. We worked together to restore her confidence and to look towards the future. We also considered, given a similar situation in the future how would she behave differently. It was a tough job market at the time and she took a temporary role in a dot com company. This expanded her expertise and gave her relevant experience for a permanent role as a UK Marketing Director for a global company. Toy comapny

I worked with a high flying 28 year old who had been promoted rapidly and wanted to understand what he really wanted out of his career and then what experience he needed to gather either in the same organisation or another. He was being head hunted and wanted interview advice. Computer Company

I used a 360 feedback diagnostic recently with a client based on values. Values underlie behaviour. The model I use helps people understand their style and where they are on the manager leader spectrum. She completed a questionnaire and asked 20 colleagues, relatives and friends to do the same. She also had their feedback on what they appreciated about her and what she could improve. It is a very powerful experience to hear positive feedback from people who know us. After the coaching session she had an action plan to work on what she wanted to change and develop. Management Consultant

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